Hammersmith Bridge reopening

H&F Lib Dems welcome the imminent (partial) reopening of Hammersmith Bridge to pedestrians and cyclists. We welcome the Council’s recognition that squabbles about financing must take second place to the lives of local people.

Image of Hammersmith Bridge



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A Tribute to Colin Aherne

Most people who had any connection to local politics in Hammersmith and Fulham knew the name Colin Aherne.

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Shirley Williams 27/7/1930 – 12/4/2021

There are few people in life, outside the immediate circle of friends and family, who truly change the fate of another. Shirley Williams truly changed the course of my life, and undoubtedly for the better.

Shirley Williams with Irina Von Weise

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In Memory of Mike Cartwright

It is a great loss for our Borough that Mike Cartwright has passed away. He was a Labour Councillor who worked tirelessly for tenants rights among other causes. He was Mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham and he was attentive in the way he fulfilled his duties. I remember meeting him and enjoying his cheerfulness and good humour, and I remember that he was kind to all of us who were telling during a local election—all of us from the three main parties. As a traditional local politician, he will be sorely missed by all. 

Tamara Dragadze

Comment on the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report

Liberal Democrat statements on the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities report 

The Conservative government this week released the report by the Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities on race and ethnicity in the UK. While I concede that there are some sensible recommendations embedded in there, the headline finding was that institutional racism is not an issue in modern Britain. 

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Clapham Common Vigil — Our rights to street safety, to policing by consent, and to civil liberties

We all saw the horrific scenes at the Clapham Common vigil in memory of Sarah Everard on Saturday — after a week where countless women across the country told their own painful stories of harassment and abuse. Metropolitan Police officers who should have been standing in solidarity with those on Clapham Common were instead ordered to disrupt that heartbreaking display of grief and peaceful protest with brutal, heavy-handed policing (warning: some violence in the video at link).

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Holding LBHF Council to account


Even though we don’t (yet) have any Councillors, we can (and do!) still act to hold the Council to account by asking questions at public meetings.

On February 25th, GLA West Central candidate Ted Townsend asked the Cabinet Member for Housing about helping residents in private blocks over 18 metres (6 storeys) high with cladding issues and about the licensing of HMOs and their impact on fire safety for residents.


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Hammersmith Bridge - a Political Game in which Nothing Moves

The total closure of the Hammersmith Bridge is an indictment of our local, city, and central government. Labour and the Conservatives are playing politics while the disruption — to lives, to the economy, to education, to health, and to traffic — mounts up. Now we have *no* coherent plan on costs or timelines to fix this issue. We Liberal Democrats have called repeatedly for transparency, accountability, and clarity to be brought back into this process. 

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Hammersmith and Fulham Mara-phone!

This Saturday, 16th January, the Lib Dems are holding the first-ever “Mara-phone” event, calling potential voters across the UK. 

Join us from wherever you are! On the afternoon of Saturday, 16th January, we will call voters across Hammersmith & Fulham to talk about the London elections in May, and why we should vote Luisa Porritt for London Mayor.


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Workshop with K&C Lib Dems: How To Job Search Through The Holidays

Our neighbours at the Kensington & Chelsea Liberal Democrats are hosting a very exciting workshop event, and we are glad to open it to anyone at Hammersmith & Fulham (or elsewhere!) who may want to join:

Workshop: How To Job Search Through The Holidays

The Lib Dems of K&C are delighted to be working with Kensington resident Alexa Shoen – author of #ENTRYLEVELBOSS: A 9-Step Guide To Finding A Job You Like, one of the UK's bestselling career guides of 2020–to bring you a very special careers workshop designed to help you navigate your job search during this year's strange holiday season.

Alexa's innovative, proven 9-step job search method has changed countless lives and empowered thousands of people (in varying industries, roles, and seniority levels) to land the job they want, faster.


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