Council is letting down Fulham cyclists

21 October, 2021

LBHF is failing to invest in sufficient secure storage facilities for Fulham cyclists, leading to widespread vandalism and theft of bicycles, causing both irritation and expense to local cyclists.  Bike theft has increased in Fulham Town ward by 130% since 2014, in Munster Ward by 67% and across ...

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Hammersmith Bridge Update & Survey

14 October, 2021

There was great relief amongst residents when Hammersmith Bridge was reopened to pedestrians, cyclists and river traffic on 17 July 2021. The closure had separated families, made it exceptionally difficult for children to get to school, and disrupted rowing on the river including the Boat Race.

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Brendan Bird

08 October, 2021

On Sunday, 26th September, a memorial service was held for former Labour Councillor and local Fulham legend, Brendan Bird. He had passed away at the height of the Covid lockdown in April 2020 so it was only now that we could come together to celebrate his life.  

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