Traffic hotspots such as the Hammersmith gyratory, dozens of bus routes and artery roads like the A4 create CO2 levels which far exceed maximum safety levels. Asthma sufferers, elderly people and the many children in schools along the borough’s busiest roads bear the brunt of air pollution. Only an effective reduction in petrol and diesel vehicles on our roads can change this.

Residents and businesses should be helped to recycle unwanted products. In particular, those without cars shouldn’t be punished for being unable to drive to a recycling centre. As well as being bad for the environment, this is costing H&F financially. The cost of disposing recycled waste is considerably lower than that for residual waste. LBHF figures suggest that a 1% shift in tonnage to recycling saves approximately £69k per annum. The current recycle rate of 23% 2016/17 in Hammersmith and Fulham is one of the worst in the UK.

Liberal Democrats have a long standing, credible and affordable green agenda.


The Liberal Democrats would

  • Continue to campaign against the Heathrow 3rd runway. The Liberal Democrats have consistently been opposed and campaigned against the 3rd Runway.
  • Create more facilities to make it easier for residents to recycle. Provide additional dual-use bins that collect both litter and items for recycling. Enable residents to access the Acton recycle plant in addition to the one in Wandsworth.
  • Continue our campaign for the Fly-Under which would bury the A4 in a tunnel. We would support the development of a business plan that evaluates the available options and continue to campaign for the Fly-Under.
  • Encourage the transition towards electric vehicles by installing more charging points. Introduce discounted parking for low emission and electric cars, and wherever possible, replace petrol vehicles in the Council’s fleet with electric ones.
  • Support the development of more protected cycle routes, where it can be done without disadvantage to pedestrians. Increase facilities for bike storage on streets and at transport hubs. Lobby for the extension of the Santander bikes to Starch Green and Askew.
  • Instal additional CCTV cameras in key underserved areas to deter and detect fly-tipping/graffiti and improve enforcement.
  • Increase fixed penalty fines to £400 for fly typing, improve enforcement measures and reduce the fixed charge for waste removal from £24.70 to £10.
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