Letter to EU citizens by Irina Von Wiese, Ravenscourt Park

Dear fellow EU Citizen,

Theresa May’s government is using EU citizens as a bargaining chip in her increasingly arduous Brexit negotiations. This month, plans were leaked which would allow only the wealthiest EU citizens to come to Britain, on a two year work permit. If, like me, you have lived in the UK for a long time, love this country and want to become a UK citizen, you have to be prepared to pay at least £1,400 while the government alienates its neighbours and drives Britain into political and economic isolation.

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Our Candidate for Hammersmith

Joyce Onstad

Joyce entered politics after many years in International Development to fight for structural change in society. She is passionate about fairness, civil liberties, inclusive economic growth, protecting the environment and human rights.

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Our candidate for Chelsea and Fulham

Louise Rowntree

Louise Rowntree

Chelsea and Fulham

Louise is a lawyer-turned-public affairs and communications consultant who grew up in Chelsea and now lives in Fulham. 

One of the reasons Louise joined the Lib Dems was their pro-European, international and modern outlook – which she wants to give the residents of Chelsea and Fulham the chance to vote for.

Louise worked for several years in Brussels – where she ran Hill & Knowlton’s Trade & Competition department, met her husband and started a family. In 2012 she founded her own, niche, consultancy Rowntree & Associates and moved back to London soon after.

Louise was active in the Brussels Lib Dems, where she started the fun ‘Great Debate’ series of high-profile debates chaired by the Financial Times. Back in London, she could be spotted campaigning on the London Mayoral elections, the EU referendum and other issues. 

For her work, Louise has personally advised heads of state, ambassadors, ministers, multinationals, NGOs, high net worth individuals and law firms. 

Louise is married to Raphael, a Belgian lawyer, and has three boys. 





Telephone:  07472738440




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Six facts you need to know about the EU:

The Liberal Democrats believe Britain's future is brightest within the European Union.  We accept not everything about it is perfect, but the facts speak for themselves.  Here are six of them:Union_Jack-1.jpg

Fact 1. Over 3 million UK jobs are linked to our trade with the EU - that's one in every ten UK jobs.  Source: Office for National Statistics, House of Commons Library

Fact 2. Being in the EU means lower prices in our shops because it's cheaper to trade and there is more choice - saving you on average £450 a year.  Source: European Commission

Fact 3. While being in the EU costs each household less than a pound a day, independent experts estimate the benefits are worth £3,000 a year to the average household, due to lower prices and more jobs, trade and investment.  Source: CBI, Office for National Statistics

Fact 4. We are safer thanks to the European Arrest Warrant because we can arrest criminals across the EU, not just those residing in the UK.  Source: National Crime Agency

Fact 5. 200,000 UK businesses trade freely with other EU countries - helping them create jobs here in the UK.  Source: HMRC

Fact 6. The UK gets £66 million of investment every day from EU countries - creating even more jobs and opportunities for UK families.  Source: Office for National Statistics


Can you afford to lose these things if Britain leaves the EU? 

Will you join our Campaign to Keep Britain in Europe?

Sign up here: http://change.libdems.org.uk/europe 

For more information on why Britain is  visit: http://www.strongerin.co.uk/




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