Violent crime increases by 60% in H&F over the last 4 years

Since 2010, the Met has had funding cuts of £600m. Under Tory plans, a further £400m will be cut in the coming years.

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The parking meter fiasco a symptom of the council’s failure to adopt new technologies

The Tories accuse the Labour-run council of “serial incompetence” for failing to update the parking meters to accept the new pound coins. This slanging match merely highlights that Tory and Labour are stuck in the past. 

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H&F Conservative blocking TfL £20m investment to improve cycle infrastructure in Hammersmith

TFL’s proposed route for Cycle Superhighway 9 (CS9) route is between Kensington Olympia, linking Hammersmith and Chiswick town centers.  The health and environmental benefits of improving cycle infrastructure are well known, the potential economic benefits less so.

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Why I support the Cycle Super Highway 9

Last week’s 'die in’ tribute to a killed cyclist, highlights the main reason why more people don't cycle - cycling in London traffic does not feel safe. When experienced cyclists such as Chris Boardman, former world champion feel that the roads are too dangerous for him, there is little chance of encouraging others to cycle until there is a significant increase in protected cycle routes. Already this year there have been seven cyclists killed in London. 

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Letter to EU citizens by Irina Von Wiese, Ravenscourt Park

Dear fellow EU Citizen,

Theresa May’s government is using EU citizens as a bargaining chip in her increasingly arduous Brexit negotiations. This month, plans were leaked which would allow only the wealthiest EU citizens to come to Britain, on a two year work permit. If, like me, you have lived in the UK for a long time, love this country and want to become a UK citizen, you have to be prepared to pay at least £1,400 while the government alienates its neighbours and drives Britain into political and economic isolation.

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