Staggering tax rises in H&F

Today I received my council tax bill accompanied with a 20-page glossy brochure. The H&F council controlled element of my bill has increased by a staggering 4.7%, a rise of more than 100% above inflation.
My objection is not the increase in the rate itself, I appreciate that we need to pay for services. My objection is that Labour campaigned less than a year ago in the local elections on a platform of low taxation. In one of the election hustings Irina Von Weise, stated that the Liberal Democrats believed that council tax freezes were unsustainable in the future. The Labour response was that this was not true, and they would continue to find efficiencies.
The presentation of the bill is also highly deceptive. By splitting out the new social care charge, it gives the impression that the tax rise is a mere 2.7% rather than the real increase of 4.7%.
The 20-page glossy that accompanied my tax bill is a complete waste of tax payers’ money. It fails to detail how council tax money is being spent or justify the need for the inflation busting rise. It is merely a promotional document for the H&F Labour administration and its policies.

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