Smart street lighting could reduce crime and save money in H&F

Residents in the south of Ravenscourt Ward are worried by increasing crime levels and are asking for improved street lighting in their area. Public lighting can transform the visual appearance of an area, make areas accessible, usable, and safe at night.

It is now cost effective to add communications technology to streetlamps at the same time as LED upgrades take place. This connectivity enables the lights to be remotely monitored and controlled. Smart streetlights can support a range of sensors and services using the power and communications connections available on each light pole such as air quality CCTV, smart parking and traffic monitoring.

Studies have shown that improved street lighting can be a cost effective solution for reducing crimes such as burglary, vehicle crime and theft and improve the public’s feelings of security. In Hammersmith these types of crimes have risen by 32% over the last 4 years. The right lighting would help by making it easy to recognise faces and distinguish objects. Furthermore, the quality of CCTV images is improved by white light. The right illumination could deter criminals and assist the police in bringing crime rates down.

In addition, Smart LED lighting with sensors has reduced energy costs by 50%-66% in the cities that have implemented this technology. Public lighting can play a unique role in making the Smart City a reality as the physical lighting infrastructure is ubiquitous.

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