Results of General Election 2019

Just a quick note to let you know the election results from last night in our borough.

In Hammersmith, the brilliant Jessie Venegas managed to increase Lib Dem vote share by 8% points on a night where both Labour and the Conservatives lost vote share in the constituency. This is very promising in a constituency long written-off and a solid platform to build upon for next year's GLA and Mayoral elections.

In Chelsea and Fulham, after an incredible campaign that saw thousands of us (all of you!) — first-time volunteers, activists, new and old LibDem members — spend so much time, effort and heart, so many steps walked and so many doors knocked and leaflets distributed, the awesome Nicola Horlick increased vote share by 14.9% points and reached a second-place finish, again taking votes from both Labour and the Conservatives. 

While last night's results weren't great, we would like to express our incredible gratitude to everyone. Thank you very much to the tens of thousands of people who voted for Jessie and Nicola — and the many people who were so friendly, put up posters and volunteered and spoke to friends/family about the election.

Now more than ever, Britain needs the Liberal Democrats.

This election's over, and we're not going anywhere. If anything, it has shown beyond a doubt that we are the only party standing up for our shared values of tolerance, diversity, prosperity and pragmatism. Overall, the Liberal Democrats increased vote share almost everywhere, more than any other party, gaining 4.2% share overall. There is a space and a need for this party and our voice, and especially so in our borough. 

We, the Liberal Democrats, are not going to stop. We’re going to keep fighting for what’s right. And we’d love for you to be a part of it

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Thanks again for your support, and please reach out to us. 

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