Representing Fulham and Chelsea at the General Election: Simon Bailey

Simon is standing for election because he believes that an outward looking, progressive and tolerant Britain is significantly better placed to meet the challenges of the 21st Century than an inward looking, illiberal, “blame someone else” Britain.

key_simon.jpg“Unlike Labour, I firmly believe we need to balance the books (and keep them balanced) – there is nothing remotely progressive in leaving our children to pay off our debts. Right now, the UK is paying more on debt interest than it does on our entire Defence budget.

Unlike the Conservatives, I firmly believe we need to do this fairly, building future opportunity for all, and strengthening our already fragile social fabric. This means investing in the education of our people and our national infrastructure, and asking the richest to contribute more because they can afford it.

Unlike UKIP and the SNP, I firmly believe the best chance of solving global problems like terrorism, mass migration and climate change will be achieved if we stick together, and use our collective strength and influence (as one United Kingdom, within Europe) to fight for our future.”

Simon’s priorities

Simon is committed to creating a stronger economy and fairer society for the people of Fulham and Chelsea. His key priorities are:

  • Securing more affordable housing so people born in the constituency can live, work and grow old in the constituency
  • Securing a moratorium on further changes to NHS services in West London, and proper public consultation / research into ambulance travel times between hospital sites, to ensure the right NHS services are retained at a future Charing Cross hospital
  • Securing government funding for local initiatives that reduce the volume and impact of private motor traffic, improve connectivity and air quality. These include a west London cycle super-highway, Hammersmith “fly-under” and Crossrail 2.
  • Fighting the redevelopment of the Sutton Estate, and proposals to sell off public land/spaces to private developers 
  • Securing greater tax raising / borrowing powers for local government to finance health and housing priorities

You can get in touch with Simon directly on Twitter or by email at [email protected]

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