Post Conference Report

Dear friends,

This past weekend I attended our Liberal Democrat conference in York where we voted to create a “registered supporter” scheme. This scheme is for those who do not wish to or can’t join a political party but who share our liberal values with regards to Brexit and want to help from time to time. Yesterday our leader Vince Cable delivered a brilliant speech which outlined all the values that are passionately close to me.

We are the only party that is willing to vote for a confirmation referendum. After all the lies the leave campaign told we want people to have a chance to confirm or reject this choice. We know this may not necessarily result in a remain vote, and that we will need to campaign with our hearts to win people over. However, now that we know what Brexit really means, we want to ensure that this is what people want before plunging into the unknown.

We had a chance to get a confirmation referendum last week, but many Labour MPs, abstained. This included Andy Slaughter, our MP in Hammersmith. They did this despite promising to support a People’s Vote. Do you really know where Labour stands? They say one thing and do another. We really need your help to show Theresa May that many of us want an internationalist and open society, so people like me and many of you feel that we have a place in Britain.

So, all I ask is that you reach out to 13 of your friends outside the party and encourage them to join us as a registered supporter. Just click here for instructions on how to reach out. Thank you very much, and I hope to see you soon with 13 other friends.

Jessie Venegas

Hammersmith Membership Officer

P.S (Why 13? Because if everyone who voted for us last time convinced 13 others to do the same we would comfortably beat Labour. I like to dream!)

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