Lib Dems are the only pro-EU party in H&F

Many residents have asked me what our party’s position is on Brexit. When you’re part of a group of like-minded people, it is easy to lock yourself inside an echo chamber and forget that your message may not be reaching everyone. So I say unequivocally: H&F Liberal Democrats will keep fighting for continued British membership of the European Union. We reject the Conservatives’ and Labour’s ‘Hard Brexit’ plans, and we have welcomed and signed the European Movement’s pledge to ‘Stop Brexit’.

All of our elected representatives have failed us. Greg Hands campaigned to Remain in the European Union, but ever since he accepted a junior ministerial role, he has consistently voted with the Government and against the wishes of an overwhelming majority of his constituents. Both Andy Slaughter & HF Labour have failed to influence their own party, in which they themselves form an ultra-minority internal opposition party: Jeremy Corbyn will not, on 3 May, differentiate between a vote for a pro- or anti-EU local Labour party. He will not suddenly become a Remainer as the EU will always be an obstacle on his path to renationalisation of the British economy.

The Liberal Democrats are the only party fighting for continued full membership of the European Union to field candidates for all seats in Hammersmith and Fulham. Don’t be fooled: a vote for the Conservatives will give Theresa May a chance to use her ‘will of the people’ argument once more, but a vote for Labour will eventually lead to the same destructive outcome. Jeremy Corbyn has done everything in his power to crush internal debate, for example by firing Owen Smith, so he is not suddenly going to change his mind on Brexit.



Only a vote for the Liberal Democrats on 3 May can send an unambiguous message of rejection of the Conservatives’ and Labour’s destructive Brexit stance.


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