Prorogation of Parliament - Letter to Greg Hands

Dear Mr Hands,

We are horrified, and we hope you also are horrified by the decision of the Prime Minister to prorogue Parliament at this crucial time.

Previous governments have used prorogation as a formality to mark a break between parliamentary sessions. As every one realises (but some pretend not to) this particular suspension is a way for the government to hamstring our supposedly Sovereign Parliament.

In this country, the government's legitimacy is bestowed by an elected Parliament, so when that government then prevents Parliament from sitting in order to block opposition, this is frightening for all democrats. Our unwritten constitution leaves us dependent on politicians behaving decently and with scruple. We have no other defence.

We hope you will agree that shutting down our elected Parliament is a disgrace. We ask you to stand up for the right of the citizens and residents of your constituency to be represented, and also to support your colleagues who have worked on valuable bills currently progressing through Parliament.

We look forward to hearing that you will do your duty and oppose this prorogation.

Catherine Remy


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