Labour Council is failing to address record levels of fly-tipping

In 3 years fly-tipping has increased by 65% to a record level of nearly 15k incidents. The council has the powers to issue fixed penalties of £200 and can prosecute offenders. Unfortunately it is not using these powers and in 2016/17 issued zero fixed penalties. The failure to enforce this is contributing to the fast-growing number of incidents, an eyesore for the local environment.

H&F council is not taking the issue of fly-tipping seriously. In Ealing faced with a similar problem, they set up a special enforcement team. In the first 6 months from launch, this team issued 4000 fixed penalties and in that same period fly-tipping reduced by 43%.

In addition to better enforcement the council should evaluate the price of waste removal. Currently the council charges £24.70 for up to ten items. Compared with our neighbouring councils this rate is relatively low but still a barrier for many. Nottingham City Council in 2013 launched a free large waste disposal. This reduced fly-tipping and the subsequent cost of removing fly-tipping by 42%. Improving accessibility of the disposal services also contributed to the reduction of fly tipping in Nottingham. In Hammersmith the large waste disposal services can only be accessed via a phone number.

“A major factor in helping reduce fly-tips in the city is the book online or telephone free bulky waste collection service that we offer to all city residents” - Nottingham City Council, Sally Longford.

Evidence suggests that if you couple cheaper/free removal services with rigorous enforcement, the reductions in fly-tipping can be dramatic over very short periods of time. Residents frequently raise the issue of fly-tipping, yet the council fails to act.

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