Azi Ahmed on Heathrow & Greg Hands' resignation

Some would say Greg Hands' protest against Brexit and Heathrow’s third runway was a ploy to win the next election, but I see it differently.

Greg’s actions show that he cares for his constituency, by voicing his concerns on matters that will be detrimental to the people of Britain, though somewhat not serving the wider Conservative view.

I too went down this rocky road when I was a Tory. My challenging views on Brexit were shunned by many because I was not doing what was best to keep the Conservatives in power... regardless of the repercussions.

Greg and I both believe the third runway will be a disaster for our constituency and neighbourhood. 

We already have over 725,000 people living under the flight path; not an ideal location for an airport high population density.

The noise and air pollution would increase which is already tapping into negatively impacting the mental and physical state of residents. And, we will become the biggest emitter of carbon dioxide in the country (John Stewart, Airport Watch campaign).

Furthermore, the business case for expanding Heathrow has fallen flat, as only 12% of air travel is directly business related, and these days more companies are strategically moving to video conferencing to save time and money on travel.

The Lib Dems have been campaigning against heathrow expansion since the 1970s. They were founding members of the Heathrow campaign group HACAN. In the 1980s the Lib Dems won the campaign to reduce noise by getting aeroplanes to alternate between runways, and keeping the night flights to a minimum. This has made the Lib Dems a national victory.

Perhaps Greg is finally coming round to realising that his values lie firmly with the Liberal Democrats and that, deep down, he is living a square peg in a round hole life with the Tories. 

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