Fulham Broadway Ward By-Election Results

The LibDem surge continues: JESSIE VENEGAS achieved an amazing 30% vote share - 22% swing - taking votes from both Labour and the Conservatives.

Fulham Broadway Ward By-Election Results

Labour: 1097 (44.2%) -11.6%
LibDems: 755 (30.4%) +21.8%
Conservatives: 628 (25.3%) -10.2%

Labour held onto the seat this time but our borough's stale two-party politics are definitely shifting in our favour!

We heard it on the doorstep countless times: residents are fed up with Labour and the Conservatives and want a liberal voice that truly reflects the open and inclusive values of London.

Regardless of what they say publicly, both Labour and Conservatives are clearly rattled by our result. With these results following the results from the European Elections in May 2019, where we won our borough, we can confidently say that the Liberal Democrats are a strong contender in Hammersmith & Fulham.

The key is to continue the hard work and build on this amazing result: by campaigning for the London 2020 Mayoral elections, by preparing for a general election and, yes, by starting work on the 2022 council elections. 

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