Council puts profits before residents’ health

Billboards on virtually every lamppost in the main shopping areas of King Street and Shepherds Bush Green are promoting Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Hundreds of local children are being exposed to this advertising on a continual basis. A standard pack of Reese’s contains 21g sugar. A single pack alone almost contains the daily maximum intake of sugar as recommended by the NHS for a child.

Too many children in the UK are growing up overweight or even obese, potentially damaging their health in later life and imposing a high cost on society,” said James Best, chairman of Committee of Advertising Practice. Obesity has recently overtaken smoking as the biggest cause of early death. In Hammersmith and Fulham, 37.6% of children are overweight or obese by Year 6 (age 11).

Despite tightening of the rules on advertising of high calorie high sugar products, children continue to be bombarded with adverts promoting these products. Given the obesity epidemic it is surprising that H&F council is allowing advertising of these products throughout the borough. The council should prioritise children’s health over profits from advertising of high sugar, high calorie products targeted at children.

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