Hammersmith & Fulham together voted 70% to Remain. Over 20% of residents are citizens born in continental Europe. Whilst Brexit is a national issue it has significant implications at a local level. Hammersmith and Fulham are one of the most international, vibrant communities in London, and home to some 27,000 EU 27 citizens.

Charing Cross Hospital relies on doctors and nurses from EU 27 countries. In the face of an uncertain future, many of these key workers have already left. Without qualified British nurses, the NHS would have to pay millions more to retain short term contractors or close even more vital facilities.

Until the final deal is completed and an efficient registration process is in place many EU 27 citizens and their families are anxious about their future.  The most vulnerable EU residents and those with poor English language skills may struggle to complete the proposed registration process.

Liberal Democrats are open and outward-looking. We passionately believe that Britain’s relationship with its neighbours is stronger as part of the European Union. Whatever its imperfections, the EU remains the best framework for working effectively and co-operating in the pursuit of our shared aims. It has led directly to greater prosperity, increased trade, investment and jobs, better security and a greener environment. Britain is better off in the EU.


The Liberal Democrats would                                   

  • Communicate with all EU 27 citizens and offer practical advice on completing the registration process.
  • Continue to fight for a public vote on the final Brexit deal, with the option to remain in the EU.
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