Shepherd's Bush Market

A £150m Compulsory Purchase Order has been served on Shepherd's Bush Market in a bid to convert the area into luxury flats. But 98% local residents said in a survey they wanted to keep the market. Lib Dem PPC Millicent Scott and Focus Team Member Nigel Orchard met with tenants and lease owners who are concerned about 3-4 years of disruption.

 Millicent Scott, Danielle Horada and Nigel Orchard at Shepherd's Bush Market

Family Businesses

James Horada, chairman of the Shepherd’s Bush Market Tenants Association, and his sister Danielle are the third generation of their family to be running their family business.

"It’s nearly 96 years since our grandad first opened this shop." says Danielle (above, middle).

Over the last few years there have been plans to redevelop the site next door, to the east of the market, which would have severe consequences for traders and shoppers. Traders are hoping that it will provide a welcome opportunity for investment in the market’s infrastructure.

To get a better understanding of the issues faced by the traders in the market, Millicent Scott, Lib Dem PPC for Hammermsith and Nigel Orchard, Chairman of Hammersmith and Fulham Liberal Democrats have been speaking to stall holders and people who run the shops under the arches.

Planning and redevelopment plans

It’s important to get the planning right so the redevelopment works well for the existing tenants and helps improve the condition of the market.

"We need to have a clear understanding of what the redeveloped market would look like, before we can agree to any tentative plans for this redevelopment." Says James Horada.

Liberal Democrats

Liberal Democrats are keen to work democratically with all involved, stall holders, the developers and shoppers, to ensure that a fair deal is brokered for all and that the market continues to be a vibrant asset to the local community.

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